Breakfast for lunch at Pitarija Fire Place, Vilnius

We had breakfast for lunch at a lovely restaurant. Pitarija Fire Place.

One day at work, I haven’t brought anything for lunch. And then Pavelas texted me, inviting for a lunch. Of course, I agreed and we met at that cozy restaurant.

It was our second time there and last time we both had pitas. Well, this time we wanted to try something else.


Have you heard of this dish? Well, it’s a really good one for sure! We have a book Flavours of Israel, and there’s shakshuka recipe. Pavelas cooked it for us a couple of times and we liked it a lot. So when he heard that Pitarija Fire Place also serves shakshuka, he was curious to taste it. That’s what we’ve done!

The shakshuka was hot, spicy and… delicious! Different from what we had at home, the flavors were much stronger (even a bit too spicy for me) but yummy. Good thing it’s served with pita bread so it helps to deal with the hotness so it’s safe to eat for mild taste preferers like me.

Pita bread

Besides shakshuka, we also had pita bread. Now I don’t remember which one we ordered but it was with various veggies including tomato, avocado, and aubergine, it also had hummus and a little bit of mango. Very tasty for sure!

Funny thing, I expected it to be hot. Well, it isn’t. But that’s not a problem because it makes all the different flavors stand out from each other. Therefore, every bite is like yum… I can feel that avocado! Or mango! Or hummus! Delicious!

Both dishes were very light but filling at the same time, rich in flavor and special. There aren’t many places in Vilnius where you can get this kind of food. That’s why this spot is worth a visit. I’m sure we’ll go there again soon (and will make shakshuka more often).

November 12, 2019