The Breakfast Club in London

The Breakfast Club… Have you heard about it? I bet you’ve heard about the movie, or maybe you’ve even seen it? I’ve watched it for the first time a while ago, when I was a teenager, and it was a love at the first sight. However, I haven’t met a person who watched it until the end. This made me understand that the Breakfast Club isn’t for everyone. But this post isn’t about a movie, it’s about a place.

There are cafes in London named after the Breakfast Club movie. So far my love and I visited two of them, one in Shoreditch and another one in Spitalfields. I usually write about places I love, where the food is delicious and where I’d like to come back. However, it’s been a few months since I ate at the Breakfast Club for the first time…

The vibe at the cafe was wonderful, I loved the interior, atmosphere and everything else but we chose not the best dishes. Imagine crusty chicken and waffles with barbecue sauce and marinated cucumbers. Of course, we read the ingredients before ordering but… You know how someone offers you something super strange, you try it and fall in love with it? Well, this is what we hoped it to be. But yeah, we got crispy chicken with waffles, barbecue sauce, and those cucumbers. I wonder if somebody truly enjoys this kind of combination. On the other hand, I liked how unusual the menu was and how it provoked us.

Also, strange things somehow are attractive so we visited this place again. This time we haven’t ordered anything extremely unusual, just two cups of hot chocolate and a plate of Beer Cheese Benedict. The Benedict was nothing like other Benedicts we ate before but it was tasty! The beer sauce played well with pulled pork, red cabbage, poached egg and an English muffin. Speaking of hot chocolate, it was delicious!

Besides, when we were at the Breakfast Club at Spitalfields we saw a lovely Smeg fridge by the wall and, oh boy, few people opened the doors and went into the fridge! At first, we couldn’t understand where they went but then we found out that there are secret bars at some of the Breakfast Club cafes. We haven’t visited this one but maybe we’ll come back to try it out.

I’d say that like the Breakfast Club movie isn’t for everyone, these cafes aren’t either. You won’t find anything traditional or ordinary there but if you want to be surprised and explore new tastes, this is the place to go!

November 6, 2017
November 17, 2017