Best Burgers in London – Honest!

If you are a burgers lover, raise your hand! When I think what would I like to have for a dinner, a tasty burger is the first thought that comes to my mind but most of the time it is a real headache to find the perfect place but at least I know few splendid places in London!

My boyfriend and I quite often perambulate near Old Street and Shoreditch looking for nice places and tasty food. This evening we did the same but most places were overcrowded, the music was too loud or we would have had to wait for a table for too long (we were really hungry!) so we headed to one of our favourite cafes where wonderful burgers are made, the interior of the place is super cozy and the staff is very kind.

Guess what place am I talking about?
It is the Honest Burgers!

As a person who loves tasty food and has tried many different burgers, I can say that there is nothing better than a perfect menu. Do you know that frustration when you get a looong menu and want to find that one dish that you would enjoy most but you have to read it like a book but it takes so much time and you are getting even more hungry, and you are not sure if the dish you have chosen is truly the one you really want…

Well, you get the point. I hate that feeling and that is why I love Honest burgers so much! They have seven burgers and that is all you need. They all are made perfectly, with a tasty fresh bun, delicious medium cooked patty, just the right amount of sauces and other precisely chosen ingredients.

What else I love about this place? The staff is super friendly, kind and helpful, and this is why this place is full of positive vibes! Also, while you are waiting for your burger, you can sneak peek into the kitchen and watch how the most delicious burgers are being made. Or you can do what I do most of the time – make some pics! Wait no longer, head to your nearest Honest burgers (they have a lot of cafes!) and enjoy your burger!