Asian Fusion – Kinza, Vilnius

It was a lazy Sunday evening… And when I say lazy evening, I mean that the whole day was spent in bed, sleeping, binge-watching some TV series and drinking lots of tea (snacks included).

However, at the end of that day, my boyfriend and I were quite hungry but too devastated to cook (well, sugar did no good there) and wanted to go out somewhere to make the day count. We looked for Indian food as that was what my love wanted and thought we should go to the restaurant which was around two kilometers away. I was too tired to go there and on our way, we decided to pop into an Asian fusion restaurant close to our place.

That place was Kinza.

We’ve been there once before, I think a year ago but never came back because we weren’t impressed by the food and there were a lot of other great places nearby. What about this time? We just wanted to eat and 500 meters was the distance we were capable to go. And even though we wanted Indian food, Asian also seemed okay.

Are you thinking why the hell am I writing about this restaurant?

Because the food was incredibly tasty there! Oh boy, it was truly great! Nothing like it was one year ago. We didn’t know much about all the Asian dishes they had on the menu but I like pasta so homemade pasta dish seemed a safe choice and my boyfriend went for falafels as they’re also pretty good everywhere. But these dishes weren’t just good…

The pasta was handmade and delicious, complemented very very well with some shrimps and vegetables. All the tastes were matching perfectly and I enjoyed every bite. The falafels were great as well. Served with some side dishes they can fit anyone’s taste. We had them with pita bread, tomato salad and muchamara (fried pepper) spread. Instead of muchamara, we thought about ordering hummus but the waitress recommended to try this spread and it was delicious. Oh, and we started our dinner with a Moroccan tea which was black tea with mint leaves and brown sugar – sweet but wonderful.

What I also liked a lot about this place was the interior. The ceilings were covered in textile reminding of rugs from the east – they made the place feel very cozy and brought the east closer to us. However, the furniture was modern and quite simple, not distracting at all. Well, and there’s also a room with low tables where you can sit on the floor and enjoy your meal or a cup of tea.

I have no idea what took us so long to visit Kinza restaurant but I’m happy we came here again. It was completely different from what we’ve expected based on our previous experience and were truly pleasantly surprised. And of course, most importantly – the food there was great so go there and try it yourself.

And by the time I’m writing this post, I’m also drinking that Moroccan tea. Cheers!