Afternoon Tea At The Little Mavis Cafe, Vilnius

I’ve heard about the Little Mavis Cafe a while ago but that was it. I had no idea where exactly it was or what kind of food they served. But when I got a message from a dear friend of mine suggesting to have an afternoon tea, I couldn’t say no. And this is what brought me to this lovely place.

After 2 pm

When we got to the Little Mavis Cafe, it was just 11:30 am. We were sure the so-called “Afternoon Tea” would be served during any time of the day. However, once we got a table and looked at the menu, we understood that we’re wrong… You can get afternoon tea only when it’s afternoon, after 2 pm to be particular. Well, that meant we were a couple hours early. However, we even though we were almost sure we won’t get the afternoon tea, we still asked the waiter maybe he could make an exception and we could get the afternoon tea. Apparently, if he would have said no, I wouldn’t be writing this post about the Little Mavis Cafe.

I’m In England Without a Flight

So as we sat on a charming, comfortable couch, looked through the window into the people passing through and waited for our afternoon tea, we felt just like in England. Those doors of the Little Mavis Cafe were like a shortcut to a local cafe of a typical English town. No flight needed to feel like you’re in England. Besides, the cafe was full of tourists, most of them speaking with a strong British accent so it was easy to imagine that we’re on vacation.

Endless Tea and Delicious Food

Of course, you want to find out more about the food, so let me tell you one thing: go there when you’re hungry. Once we received that adorable three-story plate with all the sandwiches and sweets, we knew we came to a perfect place. However, I didn’t think I’ll be so full after those sandwiches. I barely had breakfast that day, just a quick snack, and headed straight to the Little Mavis Cafe. But after all those delicious sandwiches we ate all the cakes super slowly even though we’ve been eating all that food for a couple hours (right until the 2 pm, when they start serving afternoon tea). So the food was wonderful and I enjoyed every bite. And what’s also great about this place is that the tea is endless. A perfect afternoon tea, right?

So if you’re looking for an unusual place to go with your friends or family where you could feel like like in England and enjoy delicious snacks, sweets and drinks – this is the place to go. We had a great time at the Little Mavis Cafe and I’m sure I’ll come back there many more times. It’s a lovely place that brings you to England and serves simply wonderful afternoon tea.

Find out more about this place here.

June 10, 2018