Afternoon at Skonis ir kvapas

Sometimes I wonder, how many lovely places are in the world and just some people know about them? A few weeks ago my friend and I were looking for a nice place where we could get a table. The weather was so warm and pleasant that city was full of people and all the charming places we wanted to go in were full. Gladly, my friend suggested going to the Taste and Smell.

Smell the Secret Chamber

One minute we were in a crowded street and the other we were in a peaceful and magical place. I’d say, the Taste and Smell is a secret chamber, a hidden gem of Vilnius. Even though the name of this place is known for many because they sell tea in many stores but just a few know about this place. The entrance is hidden in a private-looking yard, behind the gates. This kind of entrance makes the place mysterious and enchanting. Once you get inside, you’re immediately surrounded by wonderful smells of coffee and tea and the interior led me to the fairytales I listened to in childhood. It was so cozy and mesmerizing.

Taste It!

This place is called Taste and Smell for a reason (in my opinion, it should be Smell and Taste, that Taste and Smell definitely sound better!). By the entrance was a glass fridge with all mouthwatering cakes and I wanted to have a bit of all of them! Then we went further and got a lovely table by the window. We couldn’t wait to taste some teas and desserts! But human is a funny creature. When he has too many options, it’s almost impossible to choose!

The tea and coffee menu was represented by a lovely hand fan and I loved it! After all, we chose a green tea and two cakes. Tea was wonderful and so were the cakes. We had one with curd and jam and another one with meringue and fruits. They both were fresh, very tasty and went perfectly with tea.

Our afternoon at the Taste and Smell was a great ending to a fabulous day. Even though I was a bit sad that we couldn’t get a table at some other places, it was great that we finally came here. Cozy atmosphere, tasty tea, and delicious desserts were all we needed! So when you’ll be wandering around the streets of Vilnius, visit this place, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Oh, and you can find more information about Taste and Smell here.

April 21, 2018