A Lovely Winter Weekend in Puńsk, Poland

This year winter in Lithuania was quite grey and moody most of the time and I couldn’t wait for the sunshine to get through the clouds eventually. My wish to enjoy the sunshine came true on the most convenient time, when we were spending a weekend in Puńsk, Poland, with friends.

Those two and a half days were so fun that I still feel incredibly good when remembering it. Living in the middle of the woods, at Silaine, close to a lake and imagining its a set from the Astrid Lindgren’s book Emil from Lonneberga, was lovely. We enjoyed a hot sauna and icy snow after it, went skiing and ate delicious Polish food, bathed in a hot tub in the middle of the night when the full moon was shining and it was really cold outside, and had so much fun when riding a sled while the bells were jingling and eating hot dogs made in the fire. Oh, it was an amazing weekend and I wish everyone could have such a great time from time to time! And here are some pics from the weekend…

February 15, 2019