7 things to know about traveling in North Cyprus

Last summer we had family vacations in beautiful Cyprus and spent most of our time in Ayia Napa and I already shared our experiences there but this time I want to tell you particularly about North Cyprus.

Even though it’s still Cyprus, the northern part belongs to Turkey and it’s like a completely different country. So, what to keep in mind when traveling there?

  1. First, to cross the border, you’ll need a passport so make sure to have it with you.
  2. Also, at the border you’ll be asked to pay “entrance” fee. In summer 2018 it was around 26-29 Euros. As we understood, we had to pay for the car only and not for the passengers but anyway, have some cash (in euros) to cover the fee.
  3. Another very important thing is that car rented in Cyprus won’t be insured while being in North Cyprus. But that doesn’t mean it’s forbidden to drive there, simply if something will happen, you’ll have to pay for that.
  4. What we also found interesting was that it’s forbidden to take pictures at the border. If you don’t won’t to get a fine, better keep your camera away.
  5. North Cyprus is part of Turkey and therefore it’s not EU. What does that mean? That EU mobile data roaming doesn’t work there. If you want to avoid high tariffs, better turn off the roaming.
  6. Well, and when traveling in North Cyprus, you’ll probably want to visit some sights that have entrance fee. There’s no need to change your euros into Turkish money, locals accept euros too.
  7. The last thing – petrol is much cheaper in North Cyprus than it’s in Cyprus so it’s good to fill the tank while being there.

This is all you need to know before getting on the road to visit mysterious and beautiful North Cyprus. You can also read tips for traveling in Cyprus and if you’ll be staying in Famagusta area, get to know the most beautiful beaches there!