16 Things to See in Vilnius

For me, Vilnius is a charming city. Its old town with narrow streets and enchanting architecture, greenery and secret gems are what I love most about it. Therefore, almost a week ago, I imagined that it’s not a city I know to the bits, but a completely unknown place, and went for a walk like a tourist. I also made this list of 16 things to do in Vilnius. This experience was incredible! It made me see the things I already saw through a different perspective, full of joy, adventure, and awe. So here it is, a list of the things you should see in Vilnius.

16 Things to See in Vilnius

  • Vilnius Cathedral – you will find it on top of every list of the things you must see in Vilnius. I pass it every morning and every evening and I can assure you – it has something special, especially when you go inside.
  • The Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral – the view of Vilnius rooftops is truly picturesque. Therefore, you shouldn’t skip a chance to get into the Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral and see it for yourself.
  • Gediminas Tower – it’s the roots of Vilnius, the place where the city was born. Not much is left from the tower that stood there many years ago but it’s still charming and the view from the top is great as well.
  • Bernardini Park – since the park was recreated a couple years ago, it’s always full of people but that makes it even more lovely. The flowers, happy people, and the Vilnele river is a perfection.
  • St. Anne’s Church – the most beautiful gothic style church you cannot miss. I love every tiny detail of it!
  • The Uzupis Republic – just go in there and let yourself get lost. Many lovely and inspiring places are there, as well as some great restaurants.
  • Bekesas Hill – you probably won’t find many suggestions to visit this hill but it’s my favorite one. Right next to it is Three Crosses Hill but that one is always crowded and at least I struggle to enjoy the time on that hill. Meanwhile, from Bekesas hill you can see all the beauty of Vilnius old town and appreciate it just by yourself.
  • Kudru Park –  right next to the old town, you will find ponds’ park. It’s a great place to have a picnic or enjoy the nature without leaving the city.
  • St. Casimir’s Church – wonderful church near the town hall, stunning architecture, and frescoes.
  • St. Nicholas Church – another lovely church in the old town of Vilnius. It’s a bit further from the main streets so there won’t be many people but it’s definitely worth a visit.
  • Franciscan Church – even though this church is being renovated, it still radiates its charms and you’ll find calming peace inside.
  • Church of St. Catherine – one more beautiful church where a lot of concerts are being organized. Check the repertoire and attend an event there.
  • Literatu Street – a narrow street dedicated to writers and other people related to literature. You’ll find many details representing various well-known people of Lithuania and even if it sounds boring you still should go through this street and check it out.
  • Vilnius University – the inner yards of Vilnius University are the most enchanting so don’t just make a picture of the building near the main entrance, go inside and see what gems are hidden there.
  • St. John’s Church – this church is a part of Vilnius University and many people say that it’s one of the most beautiful churches in Vilnius. Therefore you simply must visit it!
  • The Bell Tower of St. John’s Church – after visiting the church, make sure to get into the bell tower of St. John’s Church, it’s another great spot to see the rooftops of Vilnius and enjoy the view.

There are many spectacular things to see in Vilnius but these are my favorite ones. Besides, the way from one object to another is also lovely and a combination of a walk in the old town with visiting some or all of these places is the greatest. By the way, if you’re from Vilnius, do not hesitate and pretend you’re a tourist. The joy of adventure has a lot to do with our mind so all you need is to imagine that you’re a tourist here and voila! Enjoy the adventure!

August 22, 2018