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Back in Town + Brunch at Kablys

I was waiting for this weekend like a kid is waiting for a tooth fairy because it was going to be one of the best weekends for a while! My love and I were coming back to Vilnius to see our parents and I had to meet my girls on Sunday…

Books and Blankets

What I love about Autumn are those cloudy, windy and a bit rainy Sundays when I can stay at home without feeling guilty and enjoy the coziness. Despite it’s England and it should be raining most of the days, almost all Summer weekends were pretty nice and I just…

Looking For Inspiration

It’s a must to start a new season with something special, something that would inspire to aim for more and to be your best self. That’s why my weekend and autumn started with an amazing Balenciaga exhibition and a proper dose of oldies but goldies!

Balenciaga Exhibition at V&A Museum


Last Days of Summer

Time for weekend notes! It was a bank holiday on Monday so we had three days weekend! How cool is that? Despite it was the last weekend of summer, the weather was like in the mid-summer – sunny and hot, and it also was full of positive energy and…

Some Jazz and Flowers

Have you ever thought how many weekends does the summer have? Not so much, actually… But those very last weekends are so damn charming! Especially the ones when the sun is shining and we can go outside, explore the city, get lost in the crowd and enjoy the vibes….