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Prioritisation for Small Businesses

Since the time I started working with small businesses, I’ve learned a lot of lessons. But the most important one is more than clear. Without having priorities a business might go somewhere but rarely where it wants to go. Priorities are the best guidelines when reaching goals and so…

Finding Authenticity Online

We all want to be authentic, right? But oh, it’s so funny that we already are! However, when it comes to the online presence, many people and especially businesses struggle to be unique. So why is authenticity online so important and how to be authentic?
Why Does Authenticity Matter?
Everyone, who…

Marketing on Facebook

That’s no secret that Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media network and almost everyone who’s using the internet has a Facebook account. It’s also common for all brands to have Facebook and to promote their products or services on this platform. But how to market your…

How to Scale Up Your Business

The question of how to scale up your business comes to every entrepreneur’s mind. However, a lot of first-time entrepreneurs have no idea how to do that. Therefore, I want to share some tips with you that will help you to grow your business.
First of all, you need to…