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Joy of Golden Details: Tadam!

Have you ever noticed how golden details can make us feel warm? Well, every year, when the golden leaves start falling down, I remember this. There’s nothing as warmth giving as golden colors.

This Autumn is not an exception. There are barely any leaves left on the trees and everything…

Presence Over Future: We Live Now

We live. Now. However, most of the time we forget this fact and pretend that we will live… in the future. But the future also doesn’t bring the feeling of living now. Unless we accept the presence and choose it over future.
The thing is, our whole concentration is on…

Why Do I Love Books? + My Reading List

During the past couple of years, I didn’t feel the need to read books, nor I even wanted to do so. The ones I read during this time was all marketing and business related. Well, that changed a few months ago.
Book From a Library
A friend of mine gave me…

16 Things to See in Vilnius

For me, Vilnius is a charming city. Its old town with narrow streets and enchanting architecture, greenery and secret gems are what I love most about it. Therefore, almost a week ago, I imagined that it’s not a city I know to the bits, but a completely unknown place,…

Why Should We Embrace Kindness?

From the early days, we hear our parents, grandparents and everyone else telling us to be kind. Have you ever questioned why? Why do we should be kind? Well, I asked myself this. Not many years ago, just now. I got myself thinking what is it about kindness and why…