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A Question to Ask: Is This the True Me?

When was the last time you asked yourself this question? Is this the true me? 

Lost In the Flow

Living in a fast-paced world, we’re always on a rush, always hurrying, wanting and needing to do more, not stopping often enough. Even when we want to slow down, we usually don’t…

Living Consciously

How often do you do something without thinking? Grocery shopping? Going to work? Cleaning? Well, I did this. Not so long ago, most of my days used to pass like this. Routine was above everything and even though I thought everything was okay because I had some great time…

When Can We Call Ourselves Creators?

Where’s the difference between creative people and creators? And when can we call ourselves creators? These questions came to my mind as I was thinking of my own ability to create and the things I’ve already created. Then it hit me. In my mind, I know very well that…

Presence Over Future: We Live Now

We live. Now. However, most of the time we forget this fact and pretend that we will live… in the future. But the future also doesn’t bring the feeling of living now. Unless we accept the presence and choose it over future.
The thing is, our whole concentration is on…

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

One of my this year’s goals is to overcome the fear of failure. As I began living my life more consciously than ever before I also noticed how often I stand in my own way only because of fear of failure.
Noticing my Own Fears
So not so long ago when…

Why Do I Love Books? + My Reading List

During the past couple of years, I didn’t feel the need to read books, nor I even wanted to do so. The ones I read during this time was all marketing and business related. Well, that changed a few months ago.
Book From a Library
A friend of mine gave me…