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Marketing on Twitter

The question every first-time entrepreneur asks himself or herself is what social media platforms should I use for my business? Well, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms so let’s learn more about marketing on Twitter. What is it for? Who should use it? And how…

Short-Term Planning For A Business

A while ago I wrote a post about long-term planning and now it’s about time to learn more about short-term planning for a business.  Having a plan is always extremely important when running a business. You need to see the big picture and know where you’re going. However, you also must…

Finding Authenticity Online

We all want to be authentic, right? But oh, it’s so funny that we already are! However, when it comes to the online presence, many people and especially businesses struggle to be unique. So why is authenticity online so important and how to be authentic?
Why Does Authenticity Matter?
Everyone, who…