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Joy of Golden Details: Tadam!

Have you ever noticed how golden details can make us feel warm? Well, every year, when the golden leaves start falling down, I remember this. There’s nothing as warmth giving as golden colors.

This Autumn is not an exception. There are barely any leaves left on the trees and everything…

Love Simplicity – Planet Kasumi

Recently, a wonderful Planet Kasumi pendant came into my life. One more minimal accessory in my collection. One more piece of art. One more perfect gift from my love. Minimal accessories are definitely my favorite ones, let me tell you why.

Express Yourself
Accessories are the final…

Love for Vintage Clothes

My love for vintage clothes started many years ago and, in my opinion, only vintage shopping can be compared with a therapy. There’re so many wonderful things about vintage clothes that I just can’t keep them only to myself, I want you to know them as well!
Therapy of Vintage…

Who Will Judge You If You Fail?

How many times did you not do something you wanted only because you were afraid that you will fail? For most people, it is too often. We give up our dreams, no matter how big or small they are, only because we are afraid to fail. But who will…