Who Will Judge You If You Fail?

How many times did you not do something you wanted only because you were afraid that you will fail? For most people, it is too often. We give up our dreams, no matter how big or small they are, only because we are afraid to fail. But who will judge you if you fail?

The Others

Frist thought that comes to your mind probably is “the Others” but do you truly think others care about you so much? Most of the people are afraid that those others will tittle-tattle about every detail of their failure, mock them and the whole world will think that they are the most miserable losers of all. Do you also think so? How many people do you know that tried to achieve something and did not succeed? I bet you know at least a few. Have you ever thought that they failed? Probably no, no matter how silly or miserable the failure was, we tend to see the bravery and determination in those people, and we admire them even if they fail, only because they tried to seek their dreams. So why would you think that others might judge you? They will not!


The second thought probably is “My Friends and Family”. Well, these people care about you, especially your mum, grandma, significant other and your best friend but they certainly will not judge you if you will fail! These people will support you not to give up because they are the ones that see how much effort you put into it, they will never blame you, the unfavorable circumstances will be the ones they will blame.


The only person who might judge you is You. It was your time and efforts that you dedicated to pursuing your dream and it is only you who sincerely cares about it. Though, if you truly want to pursue your dream, you will not give up until you succeed. All you have to do is to learn from the mistakes you made, do your best and keep going!

Do not let yourself to be dazed by your imagination and pursue your dreams without hesitations. You are the only one who might judge so forget the fear of failure and keep trying!