The Midnight Mind

It’s after midnight. Sunday already. I had been dreaming for the past three or four hours. On the weekend. No, not sleeping and dreaming. But dreaming about the life I want to live.

One week ago, I woke up, and here I was – 28 years old (actually, young). Birthdays are like a new beginning for me. Every year I feel like it can be a fresh start. Same as New Year or the 1st of September.

I don’t want to sound witchy, but lately, I have felt some kind of vibrations inside me. Like all the joy I’ve been feeling lately is transforming into energy that makes me know, deep inside me, that yes, I can dream big and make it all come true.

So when we came home after a wonderful afternoon in the city with my guys (besides, if you’re looking for a vegan brunch in Vilnius – visit the Urban Garden, they’re dog friendly too). So, when we came back, my guys fell asleep almost immediately. And I was burning in need to write down the things I would do if I knew I would succeed.

But first, I had to make coffee, of course. Therefore, I went into my kitchen, found one of my beloved coffee cups clean, and made a whole Chemex only for myself.

Two coffee cups and three hours later, I was giggling at myself and thinking about making a “Wow, you’re a badass bit*h” TikTok video.

It almost felt like my chakras opened, and all my life purpose became crystal clear even though I wasn’t writing this flow down but typing into my beloved “modern typing machine,” aka laptop.

Also, I even checked the moon calendar. Heard that the young moon is the best time for manifestation, visualization, and dreaming. But Nah, it’s an almost full moon, but it still worked wonders on me.

But seriously, I didn’t leave any of my dreams behind and want to have it all. It’s the only life chance I have, for fucks sake, so why not at least try.

One of them – is to revive this blog. The thing is, I actually am living surrounded by charms. I honestly enjoy almost every day of my life. But writing here lately was confusing. As a marketing master (not to brag), I understand analytics well and know the rules for producing content people seek. But at the same time, I always saw this blog as a medium to communicate my thoughts, struggles, and joys, however, and whenever I wanted to. So it was a pain in the ass knowing how I should behave and wishing to act completely different. Therefore, I simply was sharing less and less.

But I love writing so much! And I want to keep this blog not only existing but also a fun, curious, and inspiring place for people like me and you.

From this day, I will share my thoughts without judgment, revealing my true personality, emotions, and most other things I live by.

So cheers to that; good night, and you’ll get to read me soon!