No More Monday Blues

I wish this post was about the blues music played on Mondays. But actually, it’s about another kind of Monday blues you probably already know about. It means the sadness or mild depression because it’s… a Monday. I want to talk to you about this strange feeling and share some tips on how to say goodbye to it.

Where does it come from?

Have you ever thought about where does the Monday blues come from? Well, most of the time, we feel it when we need to do something extremely unpleasant and difficult. This is when we feel sad, hopeless and a little bit depressed in general. But when these feelings come back to you every Monday, it means that you must change something about them.

You need to be very honest with yourself and figure out what it is about Mondays that make you feel the Monday blues. Maybe it’s the tasks of your job that are too stressful? Maybe you don’t feel that what you’re doing on Mondays are leading you towards your dreams coming true? Or maybe it’s a lost purpose of what it is that you’re doing and why it matters?

It’s time for a change

Only you know what exactly is wrong with your Mondays and what’s making you feel bad about them. You know, Mondays will never disappear and will continue to repeat every seven days. It’s 1/7 of your whole life. Isn’t that enough to make a change and say goodbye to the Monday blues?

Well, at least I believe it’s more than enough. You don’t want to sacrifice even one day of your life doing something that makes you feel out of place. I suggest you look very deeply into what makes you depressed about Mondays because it’s the key to making a change.

Maybe you’ll understand that it’s time to change a position at your job or maybe you’ll decide you need to look for completely new opportunities. It also might be that you’ll understand that things actually aren’t as bad as you thought. Or maybe you’ll decide to gain a new skill to perform better and to cope with the stress.

But remember, only you know what makes you feel the Monday blues and how to get rid of it.

The life is completely different when you figure out where does your Monday blues come from. And once the changes are made, life becomes much better. There’s no point in sacrificing your own wellbeing. It’s your life and you only live once so make your Mondays pleasant and look for them just how you look for weekends.