Morning Energy Boost

Have you ever noticed how your energy in the morning influence your upcoming day productivity and energy levels? It also highly affects your productivity and mood so by constantly boosting your energy in the morning you can do much more things than you usually do and become more positive than ever! So how can you boost your energy and kick off these mornings?

Get Up O’Clock 

First of all, get up early and always at the same time. I suggest you get up 1 hour earlier then you do now and use it for that energy boost! It might be quite difficult once you’ll start practicing that but eventually, your body will get used to it and you’ll get up naturally. Besides, the proud of yourself after getting up early for a few days helps you to turn it into a habit!

Warm Up

During that extra hour, work out for half an hour. You can do yoga, pilates or jog, it’s up to you but most importantly move your body and get some fresh air if possible! Even a short workout in the morning will awaken you and tune your body and mind into Let’s do it! mood. My favourite warm ups are jogging if the weather is nice. I’m one of those people who avoid jogging when it’s raining or quite chilly outside but if it’s warm enough I’ll definitely be having a warm up outside! Meanwhile, when I’m warming up at home, I love to watch some workout on youtube and follow the moves.

Time For A Shower

What follows after a workout? That’s right, a shower! A chilly shower will awaken your sleepy head and you’ll be ready to rock your day! It takes time to get used to chiller showers and it might be unpleasant at the beginning but, oh boy, you will feel like a completely different person after it. Hot showers let you enjoy them and take it slow, whilst cold water make you want to get out of the shower as soon as possible so your mind sharpens to make you hurry. After that, you won’t be sleepy anymore!

Pleasures, Please!

It’s also incredibly important to have some little pleasures every day to keep balanced mind and a quick skincare routine or a cup of tea and a book in the morning can be it! Even if you have only ten extra minutes left before leaving for work, use that time wisely. You’ll feel amazing by knowing that before doing what you must do (yup, I mean your duties at work and home), you have spent some time to take care of yourself and be happy. It will also boost your energy not only for the morning but for the whole day.

Once you’ll get up earlier than you actually need to get ready for work, studies, etc. and will get some time for yourself, you will feel better, happier and hence more productive all day. Your daily energy levels depend on your mornings so make sure you have nice and active ones!

September 10, 2017
September 14, 2017