Good to Be Home

The time flies, it seems not so long ago I was moving to London and here I am, back in Vilnius… Oh, it’s good to be home! I enjoyed London incredibly but when it began to feel like home, I also started missing my family and friends. So here I am, back at home!

The Ones I Love Are Close Again

I always thought that new experiences and travels are what I need most. Just a few years ago I wished to live a life of a never stopping wonderer traveling the world. But I never thought about coming back to Lithuania. I never thought about missing the ones that I love. As time passed, I missed my family more and more, especially my grandfather (gladly, he knows how to write emails). FaceTime and Whatsapp helped a lot but they can’t change real-life interactions, cozy evenings with family and chit-chats with friends. And here I am, back to the roots and most important people in my life. It’s incredibly joyful to be home and close to the ones I love!


It’s also great to be home because of the cats! There’re two the fluffiest, murrr-iest and queenly cats living at my parents home and I missed them a lot too! During cold winter evenings, there’s nothing more pleasant than a fluffy cat sleeping on your lap and warming you up. Besides, it’s wonderful to see them playing together, curiously observing falling snow and playfully hunting every little bird they see (don’t worry, the birds are aware of these fluffy hunters). It’s good to be a part of their lives again even if they need me only to feed them. If you’re a cat person, you’ll understand!

Christmas Time

For me, Christmas is one of the most magical time of the year. It’s a whole month of waiting for the Christmas, together with family decorating home, making gifts and enjoying the Christmas vibe. Thanks to my sis, she waited for me to come back so I had a pleasure of decorating the Christmas tree together with her. Besides, there’s no Christmas feeling without snow and it’s snowing so beautifully and elegantly these days I can’t stop consciously enjoying it!

Being back at home feels like pre-Christmas holidays. Meeting with everyone I love, enjoying the vibe and, of course, waiting for Christmas. Yeah, it’s good to be home!



December 20, 2017