The Chaos Caused by a Changed Lifestyle

Changed lifestyle always causes some kind of chaos because you consciously have to do something different from what you’re used to. Of course, it’s easier when done gradually but when you need to change your lifestyle right away, oh boy, it’s chaotic. How do I know that? Because exactly one week ago I had an appointment with a doctor. It turned out, I have problems with my stomach and need to change my diet. Drastically. And stick to it for two months.

What is the diet?

So there are plenty of foods I can’t eat, most of them were what I ate every day. Some of them are tomatoes, onions, ginger, coffee, strong tea, milk, cheese, chocolate, cinnamon, citrus fruits, and peppermint. Those just a few but these are the ones I was used to eating. Now I must eat 6 times/day, every 2-3 hours and I really struggle to plan my meals because I don’t know what the heck I could make from the products I can eat. I also have an alarm set for each meal so that I wouldn’t forget it.

What chaos can a changed lifestyle cause?

The thing is, that not only my diet had to change suddenly, but it was also all my lifestyle that was affected. My body isn’t used to eating so often. It also isn’t used to the foods I can eat (there are just a few fruits and veggies I’m allowed to eat…). Besides, I want to enjoy my food and not just to eat anything from the allowed foods’ list when the alarm rings. Therefore, I’m spending a lot of time to find recipes from the ingredients I’m allowed to eat.

The problem is, the whole week my stomach felt better but my whole body and mind were terrible. I was sleeping more than ever, 8,5 hours each night. And I’d love to sleep even more. I wasn’t interested in writing, going out (mostly because there’s nothing I could eat at a restaurant), or doing anything else. It was getting up in the morning, getting ready, going to work, coming back home, making food, watching a movie, sleeping, repeating. I was super lazy and even though I wanted to do something more, I couldn’t. It was the most terrible week lately.

So what’s now?

Well, today I’m writing for the first time this week so I think it’s a good thing. I’m definitely not used to that new lifestyle yet because yesterday I was still in that terrible mood. However, I finally consciously understood that I can’t live like that anymore and I must get back to my old lifestyle (except diet). I hope that even tonight it won’t be incredibly difficult to do something more interesting than just laying on the sofa, watching a movie, and falling asleep. This is not life. At least not for me.

Hope that this feeling of motivation and inspiration that I have now won’t fade away soon because this is what keeps me going in life. One week is enough to adapt to a changed lifestyle. So now I must keep myself together, don’t get into the cold, windy and rainy Autumn mood and keep doing what I always do! Well, and probably I’ll write a recipe book after those two months (just joking). Cheers!

September 27, 2018