Body Love and Sweat app

Funny but not so funny question. Did you gain weight during the lockdown too?

Well, I did, and a couple of months ago on my goals list appeared a new goal – to lose weight. Long story short – it has been three months of my exercising three-four times per week but not only I did not lose weight but I gained it.

Four additional kilos in one year would have been a terrifying number for my younger self. Actually, it was quite terrifying for me four months ago, when it was a little bit over additional three kilos. Because of that, I created an account on the Sweat app and started exercising.

But one major thing was quite different this time.

In the past, when I wanted to lose weight, I exercised a lot and eat, well, not that much. I didn’t have an eating disorder but I think I was close to that at my teenage year, but I simply like to eat tasty food.

So now, I knew one thing for sure – I’m going to eat whatever I want and simply make myself move much more than I did lately.

I asked my best friend to be my sports buddy, we both set our daily goals of the things we wanted to do and send each other after-sport-selfies and screenshots of the steps we did.

In the beginning, I felt horrible. Even after seeing that today’s workout includes burpees I felt hazed. And five burpees after I was catching my breath, drinking water, and talking myself into continuing the workout and not clicking the End Workout button.

But day after day, I could do a little bit more. And only a couple of weeks after, I was finally able to do the whole workout without a pause, even though I was all sweaty and breathing heavily afterward.

Well, and as I’ve wrote at the beginning, I did not lose weight. I gained it.

But what I also gained was body love.

I saw my booty slowly get more rounded and sexier. I felt my body being able to do ten push-ups in a row, which quickly led to twenty and a couple more. I finally can do burpees with a calm mind because I know I can manage them.

What was supposed to be a weight-loss journey turned out into a pretty amazing body love experience. Never before have I felt so strong, powerful, and confident. And never before I was heavier than I’m today. But those numbers don’t trigger me anymore, because I love myself the way I am.

I wish this self love was my main goal at the very beginning. But if you’re at that point in your life, where you wish you weighted less or loved yourself more, I suggest you get moving and don’t take those numbers too seriously. Listen to your body. Feel it. You’re stronger than you think and once you’ll understand that, everything will come to the right places.

Well, and I also intended this to be a post about the Sweat app, which caught me right on time with its half-price discount add before Christmas. I thought of writing a post with the title Sweating with Sweat. But now I feel it’s the body love we all need more. But non the less, I still got it thanks to sweating with Sweat, so you can try it too, hopefully, it will make you too to fall in love with yourself.