Before the Day Starts

Mornings are probably my favorite part of the day because while everyone is sleeping I take care of myself. I wasn’t always like that, I used to wake up a bit later, get ready quickly and leave for university or job. But I started to lack quality me-time. In the evenings I simply was too tired and therefore I started getting up a bit earlier. That extra hour in the morning is wonderful. This is my “before the day starts” time.


Oh, I hope I won’t sound selfish, but I love mornings because they’re completely mine. This is the time when I can take care of myself slowly. You know, in the evenings I’m simply tired, just like everyone else. So even if I want to write, read non-fiction or use a face mask, a thought of cozy bed and sleep can’t leave my mind. Therefore, I can’t take care of myself in the evenings consciously because my mind is looking for ways to rest.

Meanwhile, in the mornings it’s completely different. I wake up with excitement because it’s me-time now!

To-Do List

My pre-day to-do list is pretty simple but very pleasant. I don’t push myself to do a lot in the mornings, it’s more important to enjoy everything I do consciously and appreciate the moment. Usually, I wake up 1-1,5 hours earlier than I would need to get ready for work so that I would have those 1-1,5 hours for myself.

During most mornings, I write (yup, this post was written early in the morning if you wonder), read non-fiction or plan. To do these tasks in the evening is too hard for me but in the mornings, when my mind is rested and full of ideas, it’s pretty easy.

Also, I like to take care of my body in the morning, to use scrubs, lotions, masks and everything that takes more time than just a quick shower. Besides, I used to do pilates, yoga or jogging in summer mornings and I think I should get back to this. Oh, and I couldn’t imagine my mornings without

Oh, and I couldn’t imagine my mornings without eating breakfast slowly.

Perks of Early Mornings

Even though it’s not easy to get up early, especially when you can sleep for an extra hour, it’s like that just at the beginning. It seemed quite hard for me as well. However, after practicing slow morning routines for a few days, I began to wake up right before the alarm. I was so excited about this wonderful time and I still am.

Those mornings made me much happier because I’m taking care of myself consciously. While writing, reading or planning – I’m making my dreams come true. And while taking care of my body – I’m enjoying it to the fullest. These are my favorite perks of early mornings and I couldn’t imagine my mornings without them.

Before the day starts is the time when I take care of myself before taking care of anyone else. It took a few mornings to get used to getting up early but it was worth it. Now I’m happier and more balanced than ever before. That’s why I wish you to try practicing pre-day routine as well, you’ll see what I’m talking about.