50 days Self-Care Challenge

When it comes to new habits, I can easily get used to them only if I enjoy them but there are a lot of habits which I struggle to get used to so I abandon them quickly. Last night I was blaming myself for not working out regularly and postponing it constantly. Then a lot of other habits which I would love to include in my daily routine came to my mind and then I understood – I need a challenge. Strict daily routine with alarms set on the phone when I should do what and a limited period of time is what I need. Somehow I can’t stick to a new routine if I don’t know when it will end, I always find some excuses and day after day I forget about my goals. If I’ll have a countdown, I can make it. 50 days. This is what I have to get used to the new routine which, I hope, will improve my wellness and lifestyle. So what am I aiming for?

Let’s talk about food

First of all, diet. I want to always eat at the same time because if I a skip meal-time or eat later than usual, a headache starts and nothing can help me. Also, I want to say goodbye to all the sweets I eat after dinner so let it be tea-only time. Drinking enough water is also a part my challenge. I don’t think I don’t drink enough but I simply want to be sure to drink seven glasses per day because this is what my body needs.

Move your body!

Honestly, workouts are one of the habits I hate most. I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to make myself workout and finish what I started. But I know it’s the hardest at the beginning and if I’ll get at least through the first week, I’ll become stronger and it’ll get easier. Also, I get bored incredibly quickly so I’m going to practice a new workout method every week. Actually, I started this morning with a well-known BBG program by Kayla Itsines because I really wanted to try it out but I know that after a week I’ll need something new, maybe pilates or yoga.

What about mindset?

A peaceful mindset is the most important part of this challenge. I want not to worry about unimportant things, notice more positivity in my everyday life and become overall more optimistic person. In order to reach this state of mind, I’m going to meditate at least two times per week, practice gratefulness and not use phone or laptop one hour before sleep. I know that meditations, in the beginning, will be quite difficult but I’ll do my best. Also, I believe that using a phone before sleep does no good for me so I’ll try to remember to put it and the laptop away and instead of using them I’ll read a book or do something else. and, before falling asleep, I want to remind myself about all the good things that happened on that day. Hope these new habits will help me to become a happier person!

So this is it, the 50 days self-care challenge is starting today, the 18th of October and will end on the 6th of December. Wish me luck guys and I’ll keep you updated! Oh, and if you’d like to join me, please let me know! It would be much easier to accomplish it if I won’t be alone!



October 15, 2017