The story of my relationship with the kitchen

During the quarantine, I had no choice but to spend more time than ever in the kitchen cooking. After more than a few failures, I also found some enjoyment in cooking and day after day it was more and more pleasant.

Because of that, I decided to share my kitchen stories with you and even created a specific topic for that.

But before sharing any recipes or tips or failures I wanted to shortly tell you about my relationship with the kitchen.

When I was around fourteen years old, I was obsessed with cooking cakes, cupcakes, and making various sweets. I even had my first ever blog dedicated to the recipes of my own. It was called La-d-ida Kitchenette and my classmates were always curious to try those recipes by themselves or to taste the cookies during the breaks at school. Later on, my excitement faded away and stopped cooking and even deleted the blog.

Then, once I moved from my parents home and started living with Pavelas, I had to start cooking again. This time was different. I had to learn how t boil a soup, how to make stews and all the other dishes that people eat. However, I didn’t enjoy that and mine and Pavelas tastes were quite different because of the different cuisines our parents cooked.

For a couple of years, I was truly struggling in the kitchen. I didn’t enjoy that. I tried my best most of the times but there were lots of failures that didn’t help me. Because of that, we often ate out and it was always a pleasure.

During all those years, I learned some things and perfected some dishes. However, the lockdown left me with no other choice but cooking two-three times practically every day.

This, again, wasn’t always a pleasure but it definitely made me learn lots of new things and find some pretty good dishes. Well, and because of that, I began to believe that I might be a good cook one day and for sure I already have some recipes perfected to suit mine and Pavelas tastes.

So, kitchen stories will be nothing but real, honest and sincere stories from my kitchen. I will share those recipes that we both truly like, some failures that I want you to learn from, and inspirations for cooking.

And of course, I kind of hope that sharing it all with you will help me to keep trying to do my best, to avoid hilariously silly mistakes (like pouring a glass of vinegar into a pilau and ruining it completely), and to perfect my cooking skills.

May 2, 2020