How I tried making Sourdough bread from scratch

My favorite bread always was italian ciabatta. Freshly made, still a little bit warm, with some sweet butter on top… Mmm… I would love to eat it right now!

But this story is not about ciabatta. It’s about the sourdough bread.

Last summer we got a loaf of sourdough bread straight out of oven and it was the most delicious bread I’ve ever ate.

However, at that time we didn’t have an oven and I didn’t even have a slightest thought of making it myself.

Around one year passed and I decided to bake a sourdough bread myself no matter what. While the first matter is we still don’t have an oven.

Gladly, my parents live not far from us and they have an oven so this problem is kind of solved.

And here the real journey of sourdough bread making began.

I found a couple of recipes online, watched some videos about making the starter and the bread, and dug into it.

Thanks to that one person who said that it’s okay if the first time gets messed up, it takes practise to make this bread.

If not these words, I probably would have give up long time ago.

By long time I mean around the mid of May, which is six weeks ago.

Until now, I have made five sourdough bread starters, four of them ended up in the sink, and baked five bread loafs – only the fifth one looked like a decent sourdough bread and could be eaten (previous loafs were not eatable).

You can only imagine how happy I was once I saw that fifth bread loaf looking like the sourdough bread needs to look like! Actually, I even had a happy dance… That’s how happy I was!

Well, and today I was working on four new loafs that will be baked tomorrow morning. Hopefully, they will be as good as that fifth loaf or even better.

However, it’s still too soon for me to share any recipes with you since I’m not sure whether I just got lucky or I truly finally found a recipe that works. Tomorrow will show how it is. And then I’ll be happy to share the recipe together with all the tips from my own experience with you.

Fingers crossed, I truly crafted it!