Taking care of indoor plants during winter

When the heating season begins, it’s a duty of every plant owner to make sure the plant will spend the winter pleasantly.

There is one of the most important parts of taking care of indoor plants during winter. It is finding the right spot for them. It must have enough daylight but be far enough from the heat. The temperature must be in the range of recommended temperature for the plant to spend winter. And for each plant, this temperature can be a little bit different. 

What I usually do is find a spot on the sill or close to the window. Away from the heaters and also away from the balcony doors or windows that are being opened. For most of my plants, the home temperature is suitable. However, if there are some plants that need lower temperatures than the others. If possible, it’s better to put them in a room facing the Northern side cause it’s naturally a bit colder room. 

Light is essential for the wellbeing of plants. Therefore, always give plants as much light as possible, especially during winter when the daylight is much shorter. If not all the plants are very close to the windows, open up the curtains to get the most of the daylight.

Speaking of water, when it’s cold plants are sleeping through the winter. Therefore, they need less water than during the Summer and growth season. It depends on the plant how often it should be watered. Cactuses can be watered once every three weeks. Leafy plants in warmer rooms can be watered once every week. And the ones in colder rooms can be watered once every two weeks. However, there are some plants that show very clearly when they need more water. For example, Fittonia communicates it very clearly, when it needs more water. Keep an eye on your plants and give them as much water as they need.

The biggest risk during winter is overwatering. Therefore, before pouring any water into the pot, touch the soil. If it’s still wet, do not water the plant. Let the soil dry on the top, wait for a couple of days, and water only then. Otherway, you might lose some of your plants or harm them, and that’s not something you’d like to be done.

The last important aspect of taking care of plants during Winter is fertilizing. Plants usually don’t need fertilising during the cold season as they’re sleeping through it. However, there are some exceptions. I suggest you read about each of your plants and find out when it grows and blooms. There are some plants that thrive specifically during Winter, for example, a Christmas cactus. Such plants need fertilizers during the cold season and not during Summer.

Taking care of plants during Winter is simple. Just find the right place for each plant. Make sure it gets enough light, not too much water, and know if it needs to be fertilized. That’s it! I hope you and your plants too will have a wonderful Winter!

December 10, 2019
December 20, 2019