Spring Plant care guide

As days began to get longer, I noticed my plants awakening and new leaves sprouting. It ment it’s about time to do the spring plant caring routine: cheking how the plants are, repotting them and starting fertilizing again. But let’s start from the beginning…

So every Spring you can see the plants awakening from the long Winter sleep. Suddenly, they all began to seem stronger and new leaves appear within a few weeks. It’s a sign that the plants need to be reviewed carefully and some of them need to be repotted. This year I quickly went through a book of care guides for major of my plants just to check what kind of soil is best for each of them. Also, I knew that some of my plants needed to be repotted, some because they outgrown their pots and others just had the wrong pots (e.g. without drainage holes).

With my list of soils, pots and fertilizers, I went to a store where I found almost everything I needed. Some of the mixtures weren’t at that store so I’ll take care of some of my plants a little bit later. However, I found everything for my cactuses and these fellows needed to be taken care of asap. The thing is, I noticed that two cactuses had spider mites so I needed to change their pots and remove the pest as soon as possible. This is why plants need a careful check from time to time, sometimes we can just let those little pests go unnoticed.

Once you have all the necessary soils, it’s time for repotting! I usually take all the plants out of their pots just to check if their roots are doing okay. Sometimes I notice that the plant needs a larger pot even when you couldn’t say so without checking the roots. Sometimes, you notice that the roots don’t grow into the soil and stick to the form as their previous pot. In such cases, I free up the roots by taking away the outside soil and freeing the roots. 

Also, if you notice that the bottom of the soil is much more humid than the rest of the soil, it means better drainage is needed and it would be best for the plant if you’d repot it. Or you can even mix some drainage pebbles into the soil, not only put some of them at the bottom of the pot.

Once all the plants are checked and confirmed strong and healthy, your Spring plant care routine is done! This year it also happened that some of my propagated succulents and some baby cactuses needed to be potted as well so if you also have some plant babies, check if they can grow with the parent plant or maybe it would be better to grow separately. 

Well, and of course, one of the most important parts of the Spring plant care is fertilizing. Or should I say the new beginning of fertilizing? As Spring is officially the beginning of the growth season, ensure that your plants have all the necessary supplements to grow beautifully! 

February 19, 2019