Plant Care Guide: Sansevieria

As long as I remember, there were always Sansevieria plants at my parents’ home. I liked them but they weren’t my favorite plants. When I moved into a new home, Sansevieria wasn’t on my wishlist but then I saw Sansevieria cylindrica for the first time. It was one of the most enchanting plants I’ve ever seen. Obviously, I got one for myself and appreciate it’s marvelous structure ever since.

What I like a lot about Sansevieria plant is that it doesn’t need much care. That makes it a perfect plant for a beginner plant owner.

Sansevierias thrive in a similar environment as cactuses and succulents. Therefore, cactus’ soil can be used to plant Sansevierias. At the bottom of the pot should be good drainage, pebbles can be used for that.

The Sansevieria plant grows best in bright places, direct or indirect sunlight. However, it should be kept a bit further from the window if direct sunlight can get through it.

During the growth period, Sansevierias should be well watered, once the top of the soil gets dry. Meanwhile, during Autumn and Winter, it can be watered once every two weeks, and the excess water should be removed immediately, another way the roots can get rot.

Well, and no one could deny that Sansevierias look great in any kind of interior and are great statement plants.

February 17, 2019