Plant Care Guide: Sansevieria

My parents’ home is filled with plants and especially sansevierias. I couldn’t say that I liked sansevierias. On the contrary. I used to find them somehow irritating and was sure I’ll never have them at my home.

I was wrong.

Currently, there are three pots of sansevierias at my place. Each pot in a different room and I love every one of them.

The first thing I’ve learned about sansevierias is that they’re also called mother in laws tongue because of how hard it is to kill this plant. And oh, I’ve killed lots of plants under my (Winter) watch but never had problems with these ones. So I can assure you, sansevierias are very easy to take care of.

But what are the main things you need to know about taking care of the sansevieria plant?

The Care of Sansevieria

The most important rule of taking care of this plant is not to overwater it. The plant should strive when watered once per week with room temperature water. However, during the cold season, it can be watered very rarely, once in two or three weeks so that its roots wouldn’t dry.

Also, sansevierias do not require very bright places and can grow in low light spots. For example, I keep one of my sansevierias in the hall which doesn’t have windows, just doors to the living room and kitchen through where the light comes. Once I decided to try putting the sansevieria in the hall, I was a bit afraid that it won’t get the needed amount of light and was watching it very carefully. Almost one year has passed since I put it there and it was growing beautifully ever since.

Speaking of fertilizers, sansevierias need just a little bit of them. I read that fertilizing two-three times per growing season is enough and that’s what I was doing. Universal fertilizer or the one suited for evergreen indoor plants is what I am using. And since my plants are looking healthy and strong, I believe it’s all they need.

Well, and that’s about it. Water, some sunlight and food are what sansevierias need to grow strong, healthy and make your home look even more alive.

February 19, 2020