Plant Care Guide: Aloe Vera

When my home was filled with plants, there still was one plant missing. The Aloe Vera. And I got myself it last Winter, just a couple of days before Christmas. It was a perfect gift from me to myself and I’m still very glad to see this Aloe Vera plant on my kitchen window sill.

The care of this plant is very simple which makes it perfect for a beginner plant owner.

For anything to thrive, food is a must. The same goes for fertilizing Aloe Vera. In the beginning, I tried using liquid fertilizer but once I tried out dry fertilizing sticks, I began using them for all my plants, this plant including. I’m sure you can get dry fertilizing sticks at any plants’ store. Simply stick one stick in the soil and forget about it for around three months (that’s how long it usually lasts). 

When the fertilizing stick is in, it’s time for watering. During Summertime, I water Aloe Vera around once per week, and during the lower light periods, I water it every two weeks, same as cactuses.

One thing that surprised me was that Aloe Vera can move a lot when chasing the sun. I thought it would be quite still but it’s far from that. My Aloe Vera plant is facing the Eastside so it gets the sunlight only in the morning and approximately until midday. Its leaves change their position every single day and whenever I decide that that’s enough of growing to that one side only, I rotate the pot 180 degrees. This way, it keeps growing nicely at all sides and looks lovely.

These are all the main tips I wanted to share with you about Aloe Vera plant care. Best wishes from me and my Aloe Vera plant to you!

November 25, 2019