Plant care guide: air plants

Air plants probably are one of the most interesting plants you can grow at home but for them to grow strong and healthy, a proper care must be taken. So how to make your air plants thrive?

Let them soak

Water is essential for air plants and only spraying water on them is definitely not enough. Once in seven-ten days dunk your air plants in the water and let them soak for a couple of hours. Use a large bowl where whole plants could be under water. The minimum time that I would recommend for dunking is 30 minutes but I noticed that my air plants look best when soaking for a couple of hours.

Dry dry dry

After the dunking session, make sure to dry out the air plants as this is essential for their wellbeing. Even though they need water, keeping them wet for a longer period can cause inner rotting and the plant will die. Of course, that‘s not something you‘d want so shake of the excess water which is left after dunking and put it in a bright warm spot after that so it could dry fully.

Time for food

Same as all plants, air plants also need fertilizers. Liquid fertilizer is the best for these plants and there are two ways how you can use them. Liquid fertilizer can be poured into a spray bottle together with water and then sprayed onto the air plants. Or it can be poured in the water when dunking. I prefer the second option because then a plant has more time to absorb nutrients because I usually use the same spray bottle for all my plants and not all of them require fertiliser in such form. 

What else?

The most perfect spot to keep the air plant is bright, with indirect sunlight and a rather dry environment. Also, keep an eye on the tips of your air plant, if you‘ll notice them drying out earlier than the dunking in water is planned, wait no longer and soak it well. Also, during late Autumn and Winter seasons when all the plants fall asleep, the air plants also stop growing and don‘t need so much water or fertilizer so do the dunking once in two-three weeks and don‘t use fertilizer until Spring.

That‘s all you need to know about the care of air plants. Wish your air plants will thrive and be gorgeous statements of your home decor.