More plants in the house

Around a week ago, when I had a vacant day, I went plant hunting. Some time before that, I looked for various plants on Pinterest and went through an indoor plants book looking for plant ideas. I already own quite a lot of green fellows but I needed some more. However, I had now idea what exactly it is that I need.

So, one morning I got into the car and went plant hunting. After more than five hours, I have been to four different stores and a car full of plants.

Apparently, I didn’t have to know what plants I was looking for, I still found lots of incredible ones that I fell in love immediately and knew I have to have them.

Let me present you the new plants that we have!

Well, the last one obviously is not an indoor plant, exactly. It’s for the balcony garden, because when I understood that my tomatoes will have fruits only in August, I couldn’t resist getting some earlier ones.

And that’s, my friend, how the plant hunting went. Got thirteen indoor plants and three additions to the balcony garden.

It’s too early for me to share how to take care of these plants and how to make them thrive, but if they’ll all survive the quarantine, I’ll learn more about them and will share all the details with you.

Ah, seeing my home full of plants makes me incredibly happy!