Making Home Alive With Plants

Do you know that feeling when you walk in flat or house and you feel that it’s home or just a room without a soul?  Well, I believe that in order for a place to be alive and to feel like it has a soul there must be something actually alive there, for example, plants. They are the ones that I notice in every place that feels alive. So as I wanted my home to feel cozy and alive, I decided to get some plants.

Something Is Missing

We moved to our new home around a month ago and even though it’s wonderful, I felt that something was missing. I didn’t have that feeling of home.  After contemplating a lot what could make it feel like a real home, I came up with a conclusion that plants are the ones that can make it alive.

We had some greens on our kitchen’s windowsill. Basil, spinach, colander and some other eatable plants were growing there. Probably because of them, the kitchen was my favorite place in our home. In the living room we had a few succulents and cactuses but they’re too small to create that feeling of home.

On a Plant Hunt

So when I was drinking coffee in the living room on Saturday’s morning, I decided that this is it. I can’t live in a home that doesn’t completely feel like it anymore. I took my laptop, searched for indoor plant stores and went on a hunt.

I had no idea what exactly I should be looking for but I knew very well what kind of plants I don’t want. And so the hunt began!

Market of Kalvarijos

First of all, I went to the market where I knew that flowers are being sold. We have a hook in the wall in our balcony and I wanted to hang some flowers there. In the market, I found many lovely, colorful flowers but only one got my attention. It had many medium-size pink blooms and looked adorable. Without any hesitations, I decided to buy it.

Green Stop

After the market, I went to a plant store Green Stop and while most people were looking for various outdoor plants, I got lost in the greenery of indoor plants. Even though there weren’t as many plants as I hoped, most of them looked great! Actually, they all looked great, just some of them were the ones that I didn’t want and the others were perfect and it spent more than hour choosing which ones I like most. In the end, I left the store with three plants and a bottle of fertilizers. However, I couldn’t find flowerpots that would meet my expectations so I couldn’t get home until I had them.


Ermitage was my final destination. I knew I’ll find some flowerpots and plants there but had no idea there will be so many of them! Never before have I went to the plant section of this store so I was amazed when I saw how spacious it is. There were many various indoor plants and flowers but once I saw the smallest cactuses I’ve ever seen, they stole my heart. They were so tiny and precious that I simply couldn’t resist and decided to get two of them. Like this wouldn’t already be enough, I still wandered around all these plants and then I saw a rubber plant. Its large and dark green leaves looked so beautiful that without any second thoughts I took one of them as well.

There was the final task – to find the flowerpots. Oh… There were so many of them that I spent more than an hour walking back and forth, choosing which ones to get. There were many different flowerpots but since I was looking for something simple but significant it seemed like mission impossible. Gladly, I finally found everything I needed I went back home.

I’m a Plant Lady Now!

When I got back home, I felt incredibly happy. I knew that from now on, this place where we live in is truly home. There already were five non-eatable plants and now I brought seven more. At least for now, it’s enough to make our home alive and to give it a soul. Within a few minutes, all the new plants were put in their flowerpots and found their places. Now there’s no room without a plant in our home and it feels wonderful.

Never before have I understood how important plants are until I lived in a home without them. Gladly, this plant hunt I went on was really successful and I can call myself a plant lady! Hopefully, these beauties will grow healthy and strong. Thanks to them, from now on, our home is alive!