Indoor Plants for Beginners

Indoor plants are definitely a good idea, especially when you want your home to be alive. However, if you don’t have plants already and are afraid you won’t know how to take care of them, it’s best to start with some particular plants. The ones that don’t need much care.

I remember myself some time ago when I knew my home needs plants but I was afraid I won’t be good at taking care of them. Well, little by little I’ve learned a lot and now know pretty well what plants are the best for beginners.

One more thing – I’ll list only the plants I own myself. Even though there are more plants probably suitable for beginners since I don’t have experience with them, I can’t recommend them. But I’ll keep this post updated!

Plants for beginners:


Sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the easiest to grow plants. It needs to be watered once or twice per two weeks during summer time and once or twice per month during the cold season. It can live well in both bright and shade. Besides, it beautifies the interior a lot and is very easy to take care of.

Ficus Abidjan

FIcus Abidjan, or Rubber plant, is another great plant for beginners. It’s healthy, thick leaves look gorgeous and will make you feel like you’re not a beginner with plants at all. How to take care of it? Water it regularly, once per week, and clean the dust off the leaves from time to time. That’s it!

Peace Lily

For those who want to bring the tropics into their homes, peace lily is the right plant. It’s large and dense leaves look wonderful and when it blooms it’s even more beautiful. The care of peace lily is super simple. Simply touch the leaves – if they’re firm, there’s no need to water the plant, when the leaves feel weaker or seem flabby – water the plant generously. The leaves will become firm again after less than an hour. Besides, peace lily is great at purifying air, one more reason to have it.


Fittonia, also called the nerve plant, is one of my favorites because of the colorful, nerve looking leaves. All it needs is a bright place and water. Same as with peace lily, simply touch the leaves to check if it needs to be watered. If the leaves are flabby, pour some water and enjoy its beauty!

Air Plants

One of the most enchanting plants ever are the air plants. Even though they seem quite exotic, to take care of them is super simple. All you need to do is to mist them once or twice per week and soak them in the water every two weeks. How to do the soaking? Put the air plant into a bowl, fill the bowl with lukewarm water, and let the plant be there for twenty minutes. Isn’t that simple?


Once you have a succulent, you fell in love with them forever. Succulents are very easy to take care of, simply find a bright spot for them and water a little once in one or two weeks. The only rule you must remember: succulents don’t need a lot of water. So water them only when the soil is dry and enjoy their beauty!

Plants are beautiful creatures and have the power to make you happy. They also turn houses or flats into homes, alive and cozy. Therefore, if you feel the eager to have your very first plant, just go for it. Choose the one you like most and show it how much it means to you (but don’t show your love by watering it too often, it’s better to talk). Enjoy the plants!

December 12, 2018