Home Full of Plants

Oh, I remember how bad I was with plants a couple of years ago. I didn’t care about them. I didn’t have any feelings for them. Actually, I didn’t even notice if the places I was at had any plants and the ones that were at my parents home also were unnoticed by me. My mother had (and still has) many indoor plants and a lovely garden full of flowers. Only when she asked for help I paid any attention to the plants we had. Yup, I was terrible and didn’t have any thoughts of owning plants myself one day.

Flower Market Changed It All

My attitude towards plants changed a little bit more than a year ago. The day I visited the Columbia Road flower market in London for the first time last June. There I saw so many people obsessed with plants and a lot of enchanting flowers that… I got that fever and it hasn’t ended yet. On that day I got myself two little cactuses and one succulent. They lived on our bedroom’s window sill and brought me joy every morning.

The Need to Take Care of Something

I believe that one of the reasons why I fell in love with plants is that I always had to take care of my pets. When I moved out of my parents home into a rented flat, I couldn’t own any pets and therefore unconsciously I looked for something to take care of. Somehow, it happened to be those little fellows! Besides, for a girl who wasn’t used to water plants regularly, cactuses and a succulent were a perfect start!

More Plants, Please!

While we lived in London, those three plants were enough, I didn’t need more of them because I knew we’ll move back to Lithuania one day and the less stuff we’ll have the better.

Well, we moved back to Lithuania. Rented a flat. No pets are allowed here. But who could say something against plants? That’s right, no one! So since the spring of 2018, I became very interested in plants and now I bravely call myself a plant lady!

Home, Full of Plants

Last night I repotted a few newly bought plants and when was trying to find the best place for each of them, I had to figure out where to put some of those pots because there were a lot of them! This got me to wonder how many plants do I have because not so long ago there were just a few of them and now it seems like a lot of pots. So I counted. 32 pots with plants. And some empty ones, waiting for their owners.

32 pots with plants are truly a lot. It takes a while to water them, not to mention the showers. However, they all bring me so much joy every day that it doesn’t matter at all how much time it takes to take care of them. Oh, and who could have thought that not only I’ll have a home full of plants but will be propagating them myself and learning about the best conditions for each of them… Life is full of surprises!

Our home is full of plants and I love it. Taking care of them, paying attention to all the changes and simply appreciating them is very calming and this is why I’m incredibly happy to have all of these fellows. 

How about you? Do you have plants yourself?

September 20, 2018