Plant care guide: Fittonia

At my home you won’t find many blooming plants, just a couple fellows that can bloom once a year. All the other plants are green. Except one. The pink one. The Fittonia, also called the nerve plant because of its unusual leaves. 

Since I first saw Fittonia plant, I found it interesting and one day I got myself the pink one. Its color definitely is one of the reasons why I like it a lot – bright pink stands out perfectly from the crowd of greenery. And its leaves are adorable for sure! 

Also, I just love those plants that can tell when it’s time to water them. When there’s enough water, Fittonia plant is firm, it looks healthy and strong. Well, and after some time the leaves become weak, they loose their strength and become very thin – that means it’s time to water it. 

So when it comes to taking care of the Fittonia plant, all you need to know that it thrives in bright place with indirect sunlight. I keep it on the windowsill which is facing east. This way, morning sun touches the leaves very softly and during the day it’s still bright in there but no risk to harm the plant because of sunlight. 

What else? I noticed that those plants that can show when they need water, grow best in clay pots because the water can evaporate and this prevents roots from rotting. My Fittonia plant grows in terracotta pot and it looks much better now compared to what it looked like when I bought it, growing in a plastic pot. Clay pots are the best!

Speaking of fertilizers, the Fittonia plant doesn’t need it a lot. During more than half a year when I had it, I used fertilizers probably only two times, not more, and it still was growing really fast and always looks gorgeous.

The everpink Fittonia is definitely one of my favorite plants because of its color, lovely leaves and ability to show when it needs to be taken care of.