Fertilizing plants

The beginning of Spring means a lot to plants. It’s when days get longer, temperature increases and the plant is ready to grow. However, growing in a pot is not the same as growing in nature.

Soft water rain, worms in the soil, all the natural microelements and many more details are needed for a plant to grow at its best. But all these things are impossible for the plants growing indoors. Therefore, if you want your plants to be healthy, strong and bloom, you should ensure not only that it’s growing in suitable environment but also that its soil has all the necessary elements.

This is where a fertilizer comes in. Rich in valuable elements, fertilisers are like food for plants. Yup, just like we need to eat nutritious food so do plants. But how to find the fertilizer which works best?

Well, we all know that organic waste can be a great fertilizer but I doubt you would want to have a banana peel laying by your ficus elastica, right? So let’s leave such natural fertilisers aside. What I’ve been using for my indoor plants are liquid fertilisers and fertilizing sticks. 

For my very first indoor plants I used only liquid fertilizer which was suitable for all kinds of home plants. However, after some time I found it not very convenient because most liquid fertilizers have to be poured into water and usually the amount of water is around 3-5 liters for a couple milliliters of fertilizer. But even 3 liters are too much for my indoor plants and I even do not have such a large watering can. So I was using my 1 liter watering can and pouring only approximately right amount of liquid fertilizer. And I strongly believe there probably always was too strong concentration made. And that is also not good for the plants.

So what’s another option? 

Well, after not being satisfied with the process of using liquid fertilizer in my case, I tried out fertilizing sticks. And they work miracles! First I found out about them from my friend whose mother’s orchids bloom constantly because of fertilizing sticks. As I do not have orchids, I couldn’t test it out but I got myself sticks suitable for plants with leaves and for the plants that bloom. There’s no need to do the dirty job of measuring the amount of fertilizer that is used, all you have to do is to put the stick in the soil. Yes, that’s it. And then you simply water the plant and it takes the right amount of nutrition from the stick because it’s soluble in water. One stick lasts for around three months and only then a new stick should be put in the soil.

As for the plants, I think that both liquid fertilizer and the one in stick work pretty well but when it comes to the whole process of fertilizing I definitely prefer the sticks. I’m sure you can find them in any plant store or maybe even in a larger groceries store. Save your time and take care of plants!