You can do anything if… You want

One beautiful morning, I was riding my electric scooter to work and enjoying the surroundings. Just like every day, I could see the path right by the river where many other people were walking, riding bikes, scooters, or jogging. But this morning was different.

I saw two people running. In the morning. By the river in the city center.

Immediately, I asked myself – how can they do that? 

The answer followed right after – they must actually want to do this.

And it made me realize a super simple and incredibly clear fact – when we want something, we can do that. It only matters if we actually want it or if the fact of wanting that is enough. 

I asked myself what I truly, sincerely want? Do I actually want to have a fit body or wanting that is enough? Do I want to wake up earlier or not? Do I want to become a better cook or not? Do I want to study or not?

Many many questions, about all the things I thought I want. 

Having a clear understanding of what I want and what would make me happy, led me to some serious actions. Such as getting a gym membership, in the gym which I would enjoy going to. And getting into a university. And quite a lot of other important decisions.

The point is, anything is possible and anything can be done if you want that. Sometimes that kind of a pleasure of wanting something is also enough and it’s okay with that. But we need to be clear with ourselves, to concentrate our attention and actions onto things that matter and leave the ones that don’t.

I hope that this will be enough for you to also consciously understand this and to live accordingly. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I should have understood this much earlier but the conscious perception came when I needed it most.