Why Should We Embrace Kindness?

From the early days, we hear our parents, grandparents and everyone else telling us to be kind. Have you ever questioned why? Why do we should be kind? Well, I asked myself this. Not many years ago, just now. I got myself thinking what is it about kindness and why should I be more kind than I am now?

What is Kindness?

I always tried to do my best and be kind whenever I could. I did it without questioning it. However, now, when I’m embracing conscious living, I want to know why exactly I should behave in a particular way. In this case, I questioned kindness.

Obviously, it is what helps us to keep good relationships with others. This is what we all know. But what it means exactly to be kind? I searched it on the internet and found the definition.

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

Why Should We Be Kind?

So why? Why should we be kind? Well, the only answer I came up with is that kindness is the key to a joyful life. By being friendly, generous and considerate, we can keep great relationships with the people around us. These are the qualities everyone value and look for. We all need to have at least one kind person in our lives and why not to be that person for others?

Have Limits

The thing that no one tells us is that kindness must have limits. It could be limitless only if everyone would be kind but this isn’t the world we live in. There still are many people who can take advantage of kind people and use them for their own good without being kind as well. In such cases, being friendly, generous and considerate can harm you. Without limits, you can give all you’ve got for others without getting back, spend time on people who don’t appreciate it and be friendly for those who want to use you for their own good. Therefore, we must be careful with kindness. It’s a wonderful quality but it can be harmful to you.

I believe that we must be kind but at the same time, we need to keep our eyes open.

All the Good Things

However, no one can deny the good side of kindness. It leads us to a life full of happiness, joy and helps us to make our dreams come true. By being kind, we usually not only give kindness, we also receive it from others. This is what brings us joy, purpose, hope, and happiness. Kindness also opens the doors that usually are locked, it helps us to seek our dreams and make them come true much easier. We lift ourselves by lifting others and this is where kindness is the key.

Remember those wishes to be kind, they truly wished you all the best in life, because this is what kindness is. Be friendly, generous and considerate but, at the same time, keep our eyes open. Not everyone is kind and you must remember it. Besides that, kindness is the straightest way to a life full of joy.

Be kind.

August 21, 2018

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    August 19, 2022

    Fully agreed with your point of view… It’s 101%True …