Weekend Getaway: Cardiff!

It was almost one month since our last trip out of London so when friends invited us to Cardiff for the weekend we said “yeah!”. We packed our backpacks and were on our way to the Wales on Friday night. What I knew about Cardiff before visiting it? Absolutely nothing, just the fact that it’s the capital of Wales and it’s location on the map. That’s it.

What I love most about exploring new places while visiting friends is that I don’t need to worry about the agenda and route because the locals take care of that. Saturday started with the most delicious homemade pancakes ever and after the breakfast, we headed to explore the city. There were a lot of “look! how beautiful it is!” and “wait, guys! I want to take a picture!” moments. Also, after the hustle of London and crowds of people, Cardiff was such a calm and peaceful city that I enjoyed every moment there.

There were so many lovely houses decorated with still blooming flowers and picturesque views to canals with yachts. The old town was full of charming buildings, cozy pubs, and music. We walked all day long and soaked in all the beauty of this city. It was like a perfect combination of a lively city and a resort.

At the end of the day, we went to a Lebanese restaurant La Shish. We were starving so decided to order a tray of grilled meats with sides for four people. When the tray came, it was the size of our table! It was impossible for us to eat everything even though we haven’t had proper lunch. We managed to eat only half of the food but it was delicious!

Almost twenty kilometers by foot and a fantastic dinner wasn’t enough for us so we decided to end our day at the city maze where we had to escape from a Titanic-themed room. We did our best but couldn’t escape from it without help. Anyway, we enjoyed the time there and it was a wonderful end of the day!

We had to leave Cardiff in the Sunday morning so we had one day of exploring it but it was unforgettable. I had no expectations for this trip and, probably, this is the reason why I enjoyed it so much!

October 10, 2017