When Can We Call Ourselves Creators?

Where’s the difference between creative people and creators? And when can we call ourselves creators? These questions came to my mind as I was thinking of my own ability to create and the things I’ve already created. Then it hit me. In my mind, I know very well that I’m a creator. However, I never tell others that I’m one. In the best cases, I simply mention that I do creative stuff. But why do I avoid this word? And when can we call ourselves creators?

Creatives or Creators?

When I consciously thought what’s the difference between words creative and creator, the only answer was that creative person can use his or her creativity randomly. Meanwhile, a creator should constantly be in the process of creating something. According to vocabulary, creative person has a good imagination or original ideas. When a creator means a person that brings something into existence.

Am I a Creator?

There’s no doubt I’m a creative person. But am I a creator? As long as I can remember, I appreciated creators and wondered if I’ll ever be one of them. I wished to be the one who brings something into existence. Today there are quite a few things I brought into life: I make bow ties and pendants, share my ideas on this blog, do pottery and other crafts. And my everyday job requires me to be a creator of catchy phrases and interesting visuals. There are hundreds of things I brought into life. However, why I still can’t tell others I’m a creator even though I feel like one?

Feel it? Say it!

I believe, now I know when it’s time. Once we prove to ourselves we are creators and there’s no doubt it’s true, it’s time. And there’s no doubt it’s true not when we have enough things created by ourselves but when we feel it. If you are a creator, you might be afraid to say it out loud but I’m sure deep in yourself, you simply know it. This is when we can call ourselves creators.

Admitting who we are can be challenging. Especially if that’s something you always wished for and it’s difficult to believe your dream came true. It’s especially when you were creative and little by little became a creator. Be who you are and don’t be afraid to tell it!

November 18, 2018