Trip to Palanga: Friends, Sea and Sun

Right now I’m laying in bed, with most of my body red and aching from a sunburn but even it’s truly painful, I’m incredibly happy. We just got back from a weekend trip to Palanga and I feel better than ever in the past couple months. It was all about friends, sea, sun and great time together.

The Calming Power of the Sea

Every time I go to the seaside, I get an uplifting feeling. It makes me feel like all the problems are going to go just fine and there’s nothing to worry about. The only things I need to do is to enjoy the warm and soft sand under my feet, let the sun to kiss my skin and dare myself to dive into the chilly water of the Baltic Sea.

This is the main reason why I feel the need to go to the seaside from time to time. And even when I expect to feel this way again but also have an inner fear that this time it won’t happen and I’ll be thinking about all the problems I left behind, it still works and I enjoy that time to the fullest.

Living the Moment

This trip to Palanga wasn’t about exploring a new city or doing something significant. Or maybe it was… Because our only goal was to live the moment, relax and have fun. We had no plans and I think that’s why it was significant and different from all the other trips I have. It truly was about living the moment.

Friday evening, four of us and all our stuff necessary for the weekend together with the strawberries from mother’s garden were in the car, on the way to Palanga, and meaningful conversations all way long. Even this prelude to the weekend was perfect.

Appreciating What We Have Now

As I wanted to escape from all my thoughts about work and all the other things, I also didn’t want to make future plans because it would have involved thinking about work and those other problems. Therefore, all I had left was to concentrate my mind on the things around me and appreciate what we have now.

Because of consciously being in the moment, I noticed many lovely things around us and understood how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. We were like kids, playing around, enjoying waffles, exploring surroundings, and simply having a great time together.

All we had was enough and we didn’t need anything else. Such simple things as walking in the park, observing and smelling rose blooms and talking about life were all we needed. We appreciated what we have now.

Friends, sea and sun is a wonderful combination that helps to find the inner peace, enjoy the moment and feel inspired. The only expectation I had for this trip was to relax but what  I got was so much more.