Why it’s time to do more of what we love

Since very early days, we hear the expectations of our parents and relatives of what we should and shouldn’t do. Later on, we learn to live by the rules of schools and universities, find out it’s rarely good to stand out from the crowd and it’s better to act as said. But what does it all lead to? To a life where we go with the flow without asking ourselves what it truly is that makes us happy and without daring to do what we truly love.

Are you in this? If not, you’re incredibly lucky! But if you’re in it, we’re here together and it’s about time to stop this. Yes, yes, you’ve already heard the saying “you only live once” but tell this to yourself again. I did. And it made me change my life.

The main reason why we should be doing more of what we love is simply that if we won’t do it now, we might not be able to do that in the future. We never know which day is our last.

Not so long ago I was watching an inspiring and romantic movie “Me Before You” for the fourth or fifth time but this time was different. I not only saw the story of a man who wasn’t able to live his life to the fullest, I also understood that I was like the Lou, who was simply going with the flow, doing what comes her way but not what she actually loves. And this understanding was crucial for me. I was like “fuck it”, this can’t continue anymore…

So I asked myself what I do love to do and what I actually want my life to look like? This helped me understand what small but incredibly important details I was missing and by making them part of my daily life, I became the happiest I’ve ever been. The main difference is that what I was hoping to do someday in the future, I do now and it feels wonderful.

Now I want you to honestly ask yourself what is it that you love and want to do? If there’s something you can do right away – don’t wait and do that! And if that has to wait, set the date. Oh, it will bring you so much joy and happiness! Remember – life is precious, do what you love!

May 28, 2019