It’s Time to Find a New Hobby!

I always was a hobby girl and as long as I can remember, I always loved to look for new ones. And now it’s time to find a new hobby! If you wonder, why the heck do I need a new hobby when I have some and it seems enough, let me tell about all the glory of those two things – “new” and “hobby”.

The Thrill of “New”

The very first reason why I look for new things in my life is that of what they bring. Everything that is new breaks our routine because we have to learn about that new something and start practicing it for the first time. It completely changes our routine even if we do the same tasks during the day or night, just like we did before. But if only we can change a small part of our daily activities, like trying a new thing instead of our old hobby, it feels like we changed our whole routine.

New experiences also make us feel thrilled and alive again. It’s because we get used to our jobs and daily activities, even to our hobbies which were new once. However, by challenging ourselves and developing new skills or simply by doing something pleasant, we become excited and feel like we’re alive again, not just going with the flow.

The Magic of “Hobby”

When I think about what an overall hobby is, all I can think of is magical and therapeutical. The thing is, hobbies are irreplaceable when it comes to taking care of yourself. It’s all about spending time with yourself, concentrating on one activity and getting all into what you’re doing. We all know what a stress is and that there’s no way to completely eliminate it from our lives. We also know what irritating minds are when we can’t stop thinking about something negative. Hobbies are the best healers of a hurt mind. No matter what exactly your hobby is, it definitely requires attention. You need to concentrate on what you’re doing. Therefore, your negative mind flow eventually stops and calms down. There’s nothing you need to think of except what you’re doing. This is the magic and therapy of a hobby.

Those two words combined, a new hobby, is what we all need. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to look for a new hobby every day but it’s good to have some changes once in a while. Only you know when you get bored with what you do from day to day or when you simply hit that point where new experiences are all you need. This is when you need to find a new hobby and enjoy it to the fullest!

When I feel this way, most of the time I look for new hobbies on Skillshare and here are some of my favorite classes:

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Sashiko: A Japanse embroidery technique

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger






DIY Transfer Images on Fabric

Ceramics at Home: Building Dishes by Hand









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February 18, 2018