Three years went by… Thank you!

I am happy. Sitting in my balcony garden, sipping a homemade kombucha, enjoying the smell of my beautifully growing tomatoes and basils and thinking of how glad I am because of the past three years while I’m writing 291st blog post.

Three years ago I took all my courage and decided to pursue my dream of starting this blog Surrounded by Charms.

It feels like ages ago but at the same time so recent.

This new chapter started out of eagerness to share stories, thoughts, and experiences when I graduated from university, left my family in Lithuania, and moved to London with my boyfriend.

This time was full of new experiences for me and I didn’t have any friends to whom I could tell all the wonderful things that were happening over a cup of coffee. All I had were long video calls with my gal pals and family but that wasn’t enough.

Therefore, one coffee cup after another, I created this online space of mine where I can share all the things that I want with whomever I want. And it’s you. Thank you for being here.

During these years, it was all about being surrounded by charms.

For me, it means always finding the good in people, in experiences, in everyday life, and in my attitude. My life, just like everyone else’s, is full of ups and downs, good and bad, joy and sadness.

However, each time I open this blog and see its title, it’s like a reminder that “Hey, you’re surrounded by charms!”. And then, no matter how I was feeling, I would think of the good things around me, the charms. And it makes me feel happy.

And it’s still the same. After all these years, the title of this blog makes me notice all the things worth my attention, and I am incredibly thankful for all the readers who are with me.

I am thankful for You.