Things I Do When I Need Inspiration

I was feeling a lack of inspiration lately regarding my blog posts and topics I want to write about. It’s simply impossible to always feel inspired and be full of original ideas. Gladly, during the past few months, I was tracking the actions that help me during those inspirational downtimes. Besides, since we all need inspiration sometimes, I decided to share with you the things I do when I need inspiration.

Look for Inspiration

The first thing I do when I feel uninspired is to do a research and look for inspiration purposefully. It depends on what kind of inspiration you need but I usually start with Pinterest since it’s probably the largest visual database online and you can find anything there. I pick my favorite works related to the work I want to create. Sometimes this is enough to feel inspired but, in some cases, I need to go deeper. Then I look for similar items to the one I want to create everywhere I can – just Google it and go through every link on the first 3 – 6 pages.

Oh, and during the whole process, I keep my notebook close in order to write down the elements I like most and the insights that come to my mind. It helps a lot a bit later when you start working on your idea. After Pinterest and lots of Google, you will have more than enough information BUT you might not feel the inspiration yet.

Let Your Minds Flow

The next step I take when I feel uninspired is to free my mind and let it flow. Usually, it happens when I go for a walk and soak in the surroundings. Sometimes it might be a walk in nature if I feel like this is what I need but sometimes I choose a bustling street where I could listen to other people and observe them. However, on some days the easiest way to let my minds flow is to have a slow and warm shower or take a bath. Do one of these things right after your research. Don’t push yourself to find the inspiration but I’m pretty sure your minds will work on the information absorbed subconsciously and you will have that ‘Eureka!’ moment quite soon. If not, just take the third step and start working on your idea, the answers on how to do it will come.

We all are different and so we all need a different kind of inspiration but these are the steps I take when I need to do a creative writing, make things, create visuals or do anything else that requires inspiration. Somehow it helps me when I have a creativity block and need to bring new ideas.

Let me know how you find inspiration, I would love to try out new tactics!


January 9, 2018