The Therapy of Writing

A while ago, when I was writing one of the blog posts, a thought that writing is a  therapy came to me. Never before have I thought about writing this way but I was thinking about it for some time and came to the conclusion that writing is truly a therapy, at least for me.

Writing Therapy

You see, I started writing not because I thought of it as of some kind of therapy. I started writing because it was a great way to express my minds and to rethink all the important things that happened lately. Only later I felt that this became a therapy for me. I know very well that therapy is a treatment to heal or at least to relieve a disorder. Well, probably my disorder is that I simply have too many thoughts on my mind and a deep need to share them with others! Writing helped me to find the right way to express my thoughts and to reach people who want to hear them. I enjoy every moment of writing and putting my thoughts into letters and words. Even when I’m lost in the chaos of things around me, writing helps me to calm down, to find the inner balance and to share the best I have with you guys.


Besides, when I started writing, I learned about all the other perks of it. The first one I noticed was mindfulness. Since I started writing quite often, I also started looking at the things happening around me through the different perspective. If there is something interesting, I need to learn as much as possible about it. If I’m having a conversation, I’m asking more questions than before. Also, when I’m doing something, I do my best to notice all the details. It’s like looking into my own life through a much more conscious mind which simply must be aware of what’s going on around me. Even if I’m doing the same things I did before, I’m getting more from them because now I’m truly consciously participating.


Another perk of writing is becoming much more creative. Oh, I remember myself when I just started writing this blog, my creativity was on a completely different level. I’m not saying that I make up stories that I share with you! No! But I was much more straightforward, not paying attention to the details and not trying to find the right words to describe them. But details are the most important, not only in our lives but in writing as well. They make our stories unique and to tell those stories in the best possible way I had to awaken creativity in myself. I had to see those details and to find the right words to describe them. And this is the creativity of writing.

Live the Moment

Well, the third great thing about writing is living the moment more than once. First, I need to experience the moment, consciously paying attention to every aspect and every detail of it. Then, I need to remember and experience it again, just this time it’s only on my mind. And then I need to look at it creatively and share the moment with you guys. This way, I live the moment more than once and make it unforgettable.

Therapy of writing is very simple and you don’t need anything special to practice it. However, it’s so powerful that you will notice yourself changing quite soon. Being conscious of the things happening around us, looking at them creatively and making them unforgettable are my favorite perks of writing and the reasons why I practice this. I wish you too to start writing and experience all those perks by yourself.

March 20, 2018