The season of growth

As the Spring came by, first I saw my plants beginning to grow again after the long Winter sleep. At the same time, the awakening of the nature could be felt everywhere. It also ment, that it‘s time for a new cycle, growth and happiness. 

The changes were not only in the nature, they were in me and probably in all of us. All the Winter laziness and lack of energy suddenly dissapeared and I felt alive again. Eager to go out and meet friends came back as well as motivation to seek my goals. To be still didn‘t feel right, I wished to do this and this and that and stay awake hustling until midnight. Ah, I missed that state of feeling so powerful and I‘m so happy it‘s here again!

When the season of growth started, I also made my goals’ list which seemed needless at the beginning of the year. For some reason, at that time I thought there’s no point at pushing myself when all I wanted to do was just to be and enjoy the casual days. It all makes sense now. Only when one is full of motivation it’s worth to make promises, then the chances are higher they will be kept. When I wrote down my goals while feeling like a superwoman, it meant so much more than just a list. It was a true promise to myself to do it all, to work as much as I’ll need and to make it all come true. 

But what the season of growth actually means for us? I believe it’s the best time to concentrate on our needs, no matter if they’re related to our career, family, personality, appearance, habits or anything else. If we want to improve in one or another field, we have to work on that and make changes. Because obviously, if we won’t change, probably our life also will remain the same. That’s why we should not only make a list of goals but to also make an action plan and make it a part of our daily life. 

Hope you’re also full of motivation as much as I am, let’s get into that goals’ list and make it happen!

March 26, 2019