The Power of Decision: You Can Do It All

What if with the power of decision you could do it all? What if all your dreams and wishes could come true? What if you could live the life you’ve always dreamed of? And what if it’s not just words but true?

Just like everyone else, I’m always looking for something, always wanting to be better, to adopt new habits and follow my dreams no matter how difficult the path is. However, it’s easy to want those things but not so easy to accomplish them. Even when the beginning seems so promising, the desired result is not achieved without any serious reasons… Unless laziness, unwillingness and lack of effort are strong enough arguments.

But there’s one thing that might be the key to dreams coming true. It’s free. It’s accessible for everyone. And it takes seconds to get it. So where’s the magic? It’s all in your head. It’s a thought. A decision. A promise to yourself which you must keep. And which you have to remember daily, especially when you’re about to give up to one of those “strong enough” arguments you usually get away with. You know, something like: “I was working so hard, I can make an exception” or “I don’t feel like doing it today”. This is not how decisions work.

If you truly want something, decide what it is that you must do to achieve it and stick to it no matter what. Yes, it will be difficult, especially at the beginning but it’s a small price to pay to make your dreams come true, right? Besides, it will get easier with time and you’ll feel more and more enthusiastic when you’ll see your dream becoming more and more real.

I first started practicing this method a few months ago when I wanted to change some old habits with the new ones. Even though I did try to adopt them before, I always failed in the end. But one time I decided that this is it, no more failures, I simply can’t live like this anymore and therefore, I must change. And whenever I was about to get back to my old habits, I had to consciously remind myself about the decision, about the promise I made that this time I won’t quit. And I didn’t. I kept my promise and succeeded.

Since most of our dreams and wishes are closely related to habits, I believe that this power of decision can be used in many different situations. Of course, there are always some things that we can’t control but when it comes to making our dreams come true, many of those uncontrollable things aren’t an obstacle, they’re just measures to achieve the goal and we can always choose different measures when needed. What is truly important – is our behavior and willingness, and these are easy to control by ourselves.

So, will you take one more chance to make your dreams come true and use the power of decision this time? I’m sure you will be surprised how much you can do with it. No matter what, your decision, the promise to yourself, comes first. Remember this when you’ll be about to fall into the trap of excuses. Use the power of decision. You can do it all.